happy birthday australia

Tomorrow is Australia Day. The day we remember a bunch of English criminals and their guards setting up shop in Sydney 220 years ago. What a proud heritage we have!


Seriously tho, it’s great to live in Australia and it’s nice that we have a day set aside to take note of that fact. In honour of this great country, its Special Day and the requisite public holiday, Michelle and I are taking our chillens (just furry ones, for now!) down to Tuggerah to reclaim the break we lost to last year’s floods.

And we’ll come back with lots of photos!

So, stay tuned. And have a great weekend. And if you’re not living in Australia, feel sorry for yourself.

I leave you with a few words from Holly’s mum (of cute puppy fame):

Dear Luke,

The DVD has arrived and I am THRILLED – Thank you SO MUCH. What a wonderful, precious and beautiful record of us. Thank you so much. I wish you the very very best for this year – you have what it takes! Will be in touch when I get my act together and have a wedding 😉