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If you’re looking for a wedding celebrant and haven’t found the right person yet, have you checked out wedbykez? Kez is a friend of mine and this is a brand new venture for her, but I’m super-excited about what she’s doing!

I’ll say more about Kez soon, but for now, I thought you might like to see how I answered some of the questions she asked me for a business profile page she’s setting up. Hopefully there’s something useful or entertaining in here! 😀

How long have you been in business? Since January 2008.

What’s the best thing about what you do? I think this is best summed up in my tagline: “say no to cheese”. I’m not the sort of photographer who sets up the same cheesy photos week after week, and shoots a few candids as an afterthought. I consider it an immense privilege to be entrusted with the stories of my clients, and I’m committed to making sure I tell the right story … by interfering as little as possible! So, I guess I’d say my non-cheesy approach is the best thing about what I do 🙂

Any advice for brides? When it comes to choosing a photographer, ask to see 50-100 photos from a recent wedding. This will give you a much better idea of their style than their best photos from a dozen weddings. Also, make sure you like your photographer! You’ll be spending most of your wedding day with them, and you’ll enjoy it far more if they’re fun to hang out with.

Any memories from your own wedding? Michelle and I got married 5 years ago, and we still can’t get over how quickly it came and went! It’s hard to remember everything (we were silly and didn’t go for a documentary photographer :P), but I do remember loving every minute of it … the sleepless night beforehand … the worrying wait for Michelle to arrive at the church … the thrill of promising to be devoted to each other in front of 300 people … my incredibly bad speech … Michelle’s incredibly nice speech … the way we forgot how to cha cha when the time came for our bridal waltz … 😀

9 July 2009 - 9.59am

steve - dude, awesome hair =D woulda looked awesome with the hat tho!

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