all i want for christmas

I’ll get straight to the point.

It’s almost Christmas, and we’re offering not one, but TWO special deal type things.

Deal #1: $75 off family portrait sessions, with $100 extra print credit

Normally, our portrait sessions are $200, with a $100 print credit. Until midnight, Sunday 20 December, we’re offering portrait certificates for $125, with a $200 print credit.

The best part (aside from the fact that it’s a special deal type thing) is you’ve got 12 months to book in your session. We’ll send you a gift certificate in time for Christmas Day, and you can take your time figuring out a time and place to have your photos done.

Interested? Click here for more details, or to place your order.

Deal #2: one free portrait session, anywhere in Australia, with a $500 print credit

This one is just for our Facebook fans. (You can become one if you’re on Facebook. Here’s our page:

A while back, we promised free stuff to our Facebook fans if they’d help us reach 500 fans. As of today, we have 559 fans. Woo! So here is our first instalment of free stuff.

We’re offering a free family portrait session, with $500 worth of prints or canvasses, to one special family, who can live anywhere in Australia. If there’s any travel involved, we’ll cover it.

If you’d like to be that family, here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure you’re one of our fans on Facebook.
  • Set your Facebook status to “all I want for Christmas is an OFD portrait session:”
  • Tell us what you love about your family and why you’d like to be considered for this special offer. Just send us an email at: Please let us know if you don’t want us to share your email on our blog. Tell us where you’re from, too.

Michelle and I will assess the entries based on who we think will benefit most from having us visit with our cameras, and will announce the winner on Christmas Eve. You have until midnight, 23 December to get your entry in. And if you win after buying a portrait certificate, we’ll either refund your purchase, or give you extra print credit. So you can’t lose, really 🙂

Deal #3

There is no deal #3. See deal #1 or deal #2.

Enjoy 😉

27 November 2009 - 11.13am

steve - awesome dude, i shall pimp it for you… crazy idea, good on ya!

27 November 2009 - 9.42am

Feng Teo - Hi Luke.

Great concept. I don’t need a portrait, but I thought I’d link you up anyway :).

However, if the winner is in Brisbane, you HAVE to come over for a coffee.

Have fun. Regards to the family.

FHJ&C(name starts with that ;))

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