greetings from sydney airport

I’m writing this from Gate 35 at Sydney Airport’s domestic terminal.

Hayley and Fitz are getting married tomorrow, and I’m off to Canberra to shoot it. Can’t wait!

I’ll also be photographing a very special family in Canberra on Sunday morning. More on that later.

Meanwhile, an update on our photography course!

It’s been dubbed “say no to cheese (the course)” and we’re more than halfway through the first one. I’ve been really pleased with how much everyone has been improving, and I’m pretty sure all 8 students have been enjoying themselves! I’ll share some of their photos in a future post (if they let me) 😉

We’re in the process of finalising dates for the next course, but it looks like we’ll be going for Tuesday nights, 6.30pm to 9.00pm, from 18 May to 6 July. Registrations will open soon, but if you’d like to get a 24-hour head start on everyone else, email ASAP!

And because a post with no photo is hardly a post at all, here’s a recent one of Josiah in his new pram 🙂

100328_0010.jpg - one fine day photography - newcastle portrait photographer