photography course registrations now open

I’m pleased to report that your next opportunity to learn photography with us starts at 6.30pm on Tuesday 18 May!

For the benefit of any non-night-owls who might be attending, we’ll be keeping the break short and trying to finish up by 9pm each evening, so you’ll need to bring your dinner with you, or eat beforehand. I’ll remain available for further discussion until 9.30pm 😉

Click here for full details. Please note that the course structure has changed slightly; we’ve allocated less time to off-camera flash, and more time to portraiture.

We’ve already received strong interest in this second incarnation of our photography course, so register soon to avoid disappointment!

UPDATE: I don’t have any reviews from current students to share yet, but I’m hoping some of them will leave some love in the comments!

28 April 2010 - 12.34pm

Tricia - I just registerd…Yay! I cannot wait. Thank you 🙂

27 April 2010 - 9.50am

Alex Krause - This course will appeal to amateurs and professionals alike. It has a solid grounding in theory and provides opportunities to practise new-found knowledge. My favourite parts of the course have been the fieldwork and the support/feedback gained on the Forum. Luke is both a talented photographer and patient teacher – he provides clear instructions and makes lessons engaging. This course will spur you on to read further and explore new forms of photography. It is also a great way to meet other people in Newcastle who are passionate about photography. I would be interested in any future advanced courses Luke decides to run, having thoroughly enjoyed the last 8 weeks.

21 April 2010 - 8.44am

Jessica Smith - “Say no to Cheese- the course” has now been renamed to “Maybe move the cow”
Until i started this cause i had basically no knowledge about photography what so ever, i could pick up a camera and point and shoot. My camera was always on auto mode and im sad to say that i even struggled to get a nice photo with this.
I can now confidently take photos using only manual mode, which for me in its self is an achievement just to be able to get a photo thats in focus!
this course has taught me more than i could have hoped for, from the basics, to being able to get a photo that is worth framing!
for me i knew that i had improved and the course was worth it, while i was looking through photos after week 4 and my husband said to me “wow luke photo is great!!” and with a smile i was able to say that’s my photo!!

the only thing i can say that is wrong with the course is that it does not go long enough!! 🙂 , i dont want it to end! arhahaha
Luke i think your going to be a busy man, cause im putting my name down for the intermediate course!! so you need to start writing it!!
i can honestly recommend this course to anyone, it perfect for beginners and you will come out after the 8 weeks and be proud of your photos and you wont want to put your camera down!

20 April 2010 - 6.04pm

wanda ulrich - Hi, my name is Wanda, my husband bought me a SLR Digital camera for my birthday last year and I had no idea how to use it. I have only ever used the digital camera that came from k-mart or somewhere like that, so I thought I should learn to use the SLR properly so I could take better pictures of my growing family. In the last 6 weeks I have learnt a lot about how to use a flash, how to bounce the flash of different things (e.g. walls ceilings) I also learnt about ISO, shutter speed and aperture. With this knowledge, I have since taken a lot of photo with the new view and knowledge of the way to use my camera. If I hadn’t done the course I would still be struggling or using the auto function that is on the camera. At this moment, I would just like to say thank you Luke for all your patients and understand while teaching the course I have learnt a lot about my camera, and how to use it properly also I have the confident that I did not have before I did the course so again I say thank you
Comment posted Wanda

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