christmas gift inspiration #1

As promised, here’s the first instalment of our Christmas Gift Inspiration series.

Not every instalment will be about things we sell, but this first one is.

You probably already know that I teach a photography course. If you didn’t, there’s a heap of information about it over here.

Anyway, if you know someone who would love to learn more about photography (perhaps someone who is getting a digital SLR for Christmas?), we’re running a special on early registrations for our February course: $110 off if you book in by midnight on Monday 21 December. We’ll even post out a pretty gift certificate so you have something to hand over on Christmas Day.

If our February course books out fast, we’ll consider adding another.

Here’s what previous students have said about the course (let’s hope they don’t mind me quoting them):

The course is fantastic and I don’t think I ever told you how life-changing it has been for me. I really was not a very happy person before I did the course, because my work took up all of my time and I had no life. The course gave me a hobby and it’s been fantastic to be able to throw myself into it. I just wanted to thank you!!!


I liked learning the exposure and light concepts FINALLY! Also the treasure hunt on the field trip allowed me to think outside the square. Also, the forums are excellent for feedback and comparing work with others.


I liked the informal, relaxed way the material was presented. Although the information was all quite technical, Luke managed to present it clearly in a way everyone could understand and relate to. I have learnt so much and been inspired.

The field trips were great. They really emphasised how ordinary objects can be interesting subject matter for photographs. Really great exercise seeing how other people interpreted the same subject matter once photos were posted on the forum.


Luke was happy to answer any questions I asked and has a wealth of knowledge. I’m very happy and would recommend the course to friends/family interested in improving their photography.

Interested? Click here for all the details, or click here to register. 🙂