christmas gift inspiration #2

Running out of ideas for Christmas presents?

Me too, and I haven’t even started shopping yet.

Here’s one for the coffee lover in your life, courtesy of Coffee on Crown, the coffee shop we share a building with (unfortunately for my waistline :P).

They’re offering two gift packs for Christmas. The first one ($25) contains 250g fresh roasted coffee beans, 100g chocolate coated coffee beans, a gingerbread man, and a free coffee token.

The second pack ($15) is for the chocolate lover! It contains 100g chocolate powder, 100g white chocolate powder, 100g fresh roasted coffee beans, and a free coffee token.

Both packs come in a Christmas stocking handmade from recycled burlap coffee sacks. How cool do they look?

101208_0053.jpg - one fine day photography

For information on how to find Coffee on Crown, check out their website. They’re open Monday to Saturday until 3pm 🙂

(Incidentally, Coffee on Crown’s coffee is quite possibly the best in Newcastle. It’s so good I don’t need sugar in it. For reals.)