beach baby … [photo of the day]

Michelle and I are busy getting ready for our 2-week holiday in the USA (we leave on Saturday!), so today’s post is brought to you by our sand-loving son. Incidentally, there were fewer smiles during the sand removal process 😉

Yes, it’s Wednesday, and no, this isn’t a workshop wednesday post. Sorry about that, but if you’re keen to learn more about photography, a few places remain in our February photography course! There’s even a $55 early registration discount if you book in by midnight on Friday 🙂 All the details are here.

While I’ve got your attention, most of our time in the US will be spent with Bobby and Lindsay Earle and their new son Clive. I’ve mentioned them here before. Anyway, Bobby’s latest blog post is about a modern-day Martin Luther King, and is worth a read. Click here for it.

Ok, here are the photos you’ve probably already skipped to! Bella was running around like the puppy she still is, but paused for a second to check on Josiah. Awww 😉

101203_0012.jpg - one fine day photography - newcastle portrait photographer

101203_0022.jpg - one fine day photography - newcastle portrait photographer

19 January 2011 - 8.55pm

deevar - a man of true grit – tho a little on the small side yet! Lovely photos.

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