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this blog has moved

Not that I’ve posted here in ages anyway, but to formalise the change that’s already happened, and to give notice that this website will soon be revamped with more photos at bigger sizes – and no built-in blog – here’s a post to say that all of my blogging now happens at You’ll find […]

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12 months later

We’re still here 🙂 I haven’t been able to blog during our transition to being a family of 4, taking a day job and doing battle with a few different health struggles, but we’re still here! Still shooting a select number of weddings (no more than 5 per year), still photographing families and individuals, still […]

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what’s happening?

Is point form OK? Cool, I didn’t think you’d mind 😉 To put you out of your misery: no, Michelle hasn’t given birth to iArms 2.0 yet. That said, we’re less than a week off the official due date, our little girl has “engaged” (whatever that means!), and we’re ready to meet her aaaaanytime now. […]

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