happy monday!

Hello, lovely readers!

Just a quick note to let you know that plenty is changing behind the scenes at one fine day, and that we’re not far away from starting to unveil everything we’ve been working on. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, one change I *can* tell you about relates to our photography course.

Earlier this year, I was approached by URCreative, who were looking for a tutor to deliver some of their photography courses in Newcastle. I gave it some thought and decided that working with such a large, well-established course provider would be good for me (no more course admin/marketing/development!) and for my students (less costly courses, more options, better resources).

So, I won’t be running “say no to cheese (the course)” anymore. Instead, you can register for a URCreative course in Newcastle by clicking here (you’ll probably want to check out the course info here too). At the moment, I’m the only Newcastle tutor, but that will probably change in the future.

And to pretty up the post, here are two photos from a certain event last month 😉

110718_0025.jpg - one fine day photography - newcastle family photography

sondha and peter … [newcastle wedding sneak peek]

I’m sorry I’ve been such a terrible blogger … sneak peeks and full weddings have been appearing at random lately! Order will be restored shortly 😉

Meanwhile, I’m sitting at Sydney airport on my way to photograph the Singapore half of Sondha and Peter’s wedding, so I thought I should post a few images from their big day in Newcastle.

PLENTY more to come 😉

110625_1023.jpg - one fine day photography - newcastle wedding photographer

110625_1041.jpg - one fine day photography - newcastle wedding photographer