erin and ton … [wedding sneak peek]

It’s Monday, and for a change, that means it’s Sneak Peek Monday! Enjoy 🙂

110605_0622.jpg - one fine day photography - sydney wedding photographer

110605_0801.jpg - one fine day photography - sydney wedding photographer

More of this beautiful Sydney wedding to come.

7 June 2011 - 8.13am

Kelly B - What a lovely dress! Love it!

6 June 2011 - 7.22pm

David Viles - Luke,
As the father of the bride all I can say is that your work is outstanding, these samples are beautiful, you my friend, should be proud of your chosen profession and your client connection.

David Viles

6 June 2011 - 5.56pm

Bernadette - I really really like these. Especially the first Black and white. Excellent posing/compositions. Great to see some new stuff. Bring it on.


Over the last few months, I’ve been working with Heartfelt to offer the gift of photographic memories to families who have experienced stillbirth or premature birth, or have children with serious or terminal illnesses.

Heartfelt operates nation-wide and all of its services are provided free of charge.

I won’t be posting any of the images I’ve provided through Heartfelt at this stage – sometime soon I hope to be able to share a selection with you – but for those who have been aware of my desire to offer this service to families over the last 2-3 years, I’m pleased to report that Heartfelt is finally finding its feet here in Newcastle.

Lee Illfield and I are coordinating Heartfelt’s local efforts, and together with the national leadership, we’d appreciate your help creating more awareness of the organisation! You may also want to make a donation, or if you’re a photographer who could work with Heartfelt, please consider joining (you’ll receive plenty of support).

Meanwhile, here’s an interview Lee and I had with Carol Duncan on 1233 ABC Newcastle this afternoon. Thanks so much for your support, Carol!

7 June 2011 - 8.58pm

Melissa Laidler - Luke,
This is something really close to my heart having had my first niece not make it. Not only is it really important for the parents, but as I’m now thinking, it’s also something really important for any future siblings the child may have.
Thankyou so much for putting so much effort into this. It’s really important.

17 May 2011 - 11.25pm

melanie diven - Oh Luke
That is so special . I’m all teary now just thinking bout it . Parents need to have special memories at such a sad time . I’ve seen some photos taken and they are so beautiful. Let me know how I can help with anything up this way.

40 minutes at myall lakes … [photo of the day]

110513_0005.jpg - one fine day photography - newcastle landscape photographer

110513_0007.jpg - one fine day photography - newcastle landscape photographer

For those who are interested: the first image was a 32 minute exposure at f/4, ISO 100. The second was 8 minutes, f/4, ISO 400. Both were taken in the black of night 😉

17 May 2011 - 9.24am

Kelly B - WOW! Love that first one. Amazing!

17 May 2011 - 7.31am

Myriam - The first one sort of draws you to its core. I love it!

16 May 2011 - 6.08pm

melanie diven - Wow dead if night , it looks like the afternoon evening .

16 May 2011 - 5.18pm

Jelle - I should read the previous comments :-)!

16 May 2011 - 5.18pm

Jelle - Hi,

I like the first picture very much, but how do you know that the exposure is 32 minutes?
Do you take a normal exposure and figure it out or is it just a lucky guess?



16 May 2011 - 2.36pm

luke - @Sam: I started with a wider aperture (f/2.8) and higher ISO (1600-ish) and did a couple of 30-second test shots. From there, I figured out the longer exposure by doubling my shutter speed for each 1-stop drop in ISO and aperture 🙂

16 May 2011 - 2.01pm

Sam - Thanks for sharing! I’ve always wanted to give this a go! How did you work out exposure times? Fabulous results!

16 May 2011 - 12.27pm

Bernadette - awesome!!!

mother’s day gift idea

They tell me it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday.

I’m not sure I believe them … it seems to me that 2011 is disappearing a lot more quickly than it was supposed to 😉

Anyway, to help you out with your gift-giving on Sunday, we’re offering a limited edition gift card. Only 15 are available, and at $50 for a beautifully embossed $400 gift card, we think they’re a pretty awesome deal! (That’s enough to cover a portrait session and an 8×12″ gift print, with plenty of credit to spare.)

Order by midday Thursday for guaranteed delivery by Friday. Click here for more information and to order online.

And to pretty up the post, here’s a photo my own mother may never forgive me for. 😉

110418_0018.jpg - one fine day photography - newcastle portrait photographer

3 May 2011 - 11.32am

dorothy - That’s terrible!!! Forgiveness?? Hmm… goes without saying!!!!Just don’t do it again!! 🙂
Just as well I KNOW you can do better than that!!!!
I’m SURE you’ll do wonderful photos for those who buy your gift cards.

3 May 2011 - 10.04am

Jannah - ha, ha, I had to come and check out the photo. It’s not that bad, but I can see why she might not like it.
It’s a great photo though Luke!