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gabi and ema … [engagement]

Working with a fashion designer who lives and works in Milan (you know, in Italy) is right up there with photographing a photographer: it’s an honour, but your legs can get a little wobbly. Gabi grew up near Newcastle, but study took her to Milan. That’s where she met Ema, started her fashion consultancy, and […]

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sam and chris … [engagement]

He’s English, she’s Aussie. He writes software, she’s a graphic artist and photographer. They met when they were both working at a crash test facility in England. Neither of them ever saw a test crash. Now they live in Australia, and tomorrow they’re getting married in Kempsey! (These were taken near their home in Marrickville, […]

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suzanne and scott … [engagement]

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably picked up that I have a keen interest in politics. So do these two … Suzanne has even worked as a state government advisor! (Yes, I’m completely jealous.) Anyway, between political chit-chat, we did manage to take a few photos while Suzanne and Scott were in Newcastle […]

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